Screenshot Fafiec
Screenshot Fafiec Screenshot Fafiec


FAFIEC (Fond d’Assurance Formation Ingénierie et Conseil) is an OPCA (Organisme Paritaire Collecteur Agréé) responsible of digital, engineery, consulting as well as event studies and progressions. They trusted us to realize their digital annual report.

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Screenshot Medicamentum
Screenshot Medicamentum Screenshot Medicamentum


Medicamentum is a website and a mobile application which provides access to the complete repertoire of drugs sold in pharmacy, to look for drug interactions, to find equivalents and discover the patient testimony of other users.

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Screenshot Assembl
Screenshot Assembl Screenshot Assembl


Bluenove created Assembl, a modular debate platform. The company entrusted us with the development of semantic analysis using IBM Watson, module development and the site audit. In order to bring it up to date, we have proposed a redesign of the current site.

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Screenshot Keyple
Screenshot Keyple Screenshot Keyple


Calypso Network Associasion, tenor in contactless electronic transport ticket solutions (RATP-SNCF, OTLIS-Lisbon, etc.), entrusted us with carrying out the Keyple project. We took care of the design and development of the prototypes presented at the MWC 2019 shows in Barcelona, ​​the UITP summit in Stockolm and the Transport Ticketing Global in London.

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Screenshot SNUipp FSU
Screenshot SNUipp FSU Screenshot SNUipp FSU


The Syndicat National Unitaire des des Instituteurs et Professeurs des Ă©coles et PEGC called on our skills for a complete overhaul from their old site. It is an institutional site with more than 1000 articles and an average daily traffic of 4000 users. Today we continue to actively work on their strategy communication and print and digital campaign to extend their offline and online visibility.

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